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Interested in a puppy?  Please take the time to view the information on these web pages and if you are
interested, submit a
questionnaire to  

We do not sell dogs or puppies via the Internet.  All buyers must be met in person before one of my dogs is "sold".  We do
not ship puppies in the cargo hold of an airplane. People at a distance who are interested in a puppy will need to fly into
Kansas City, Mo International Airport and take the puppy in the plane as "under seat" take on or you need to drive to our
premise.  I do not "meet" people to deliver a puppy.

Puppies are a major undertaking at Marnac.  We usually have two to three litters per year and puppy time generally
interrupts dog showing and other activities. We aim to produce a puppy that is healthy in mind and body.  We don’t sacrifice
producing a beautiful show puppy for health and a sound mind.  All parents at Marnac are tested for hip dysplasia,  eye
problems, vWD (clotting disorder), heart problems, and DM.  Additionally, we consider other health defects such as allergies
and skin disorders.

Puppies are raised using a version of a program called “Smart Puppy Training”.
smart puppies   It is very time consuming
but results in puppies that are highly trainable and generally bullet proof for all kinds of things.  All puppies are born and are
raised in the house.  They get the sounds of phones, television, music, and visitors…all of the things that you will have for

Puppies leave Marnac between 10 and 12 weeks of age.  Two vaccines are completed, the puppy will be parasite free, and
will have completed a well-puppy check up by the veterinarian that we have used for over 40 years.  The puppies will have
been on car rides, had time in a crate, started on leash training (and most will be trained to sit on command), and started
house training.  

We do not ship puppies and require a face to face interaction with the new buyer.  We like for people to have several visits if
possible to watch the puppies grow.  It is important to have the right match of puppy and owner.  If we don’t have the right
puppy for you, then your deposit is refunded.  I do not keep a waiting list but accept deposits once the puppies have been
genetically tested.

When Marnac puppies leave you will receive 1) a complete listing of vaccines, worming, and heart worming completed on
your puppy; 2) pedigree of the parents; 3) complete health history of the parents; 4) housetraining instructions that I like; 5)
a contract that requires neutering of your puppy; 4) lifetime support of the puppy in case you are unable to continue caring
for him; 5) a genetic health guarantee for 3 years and 6) a certificate for 30 days of free insurance coverage with
Companion Puppy prices will be
$1500 to $2500 with spay or neuter
agreement.  No puppies will be
shipped.  If you live a distance away
you will either need to drive in or fly
into Kansas City, Missouri
International Airport and take the
puppy home in an in-cabin carrier.  
Travel fee is buyer expense.

Interested in a puppy?  Please take
the time to view the information on
these web pages and if you are
interested, submit a
questionnaire to